Sunday, November 15, 2009

SOP-Concrete Jungle

These photos were both taken from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. To me they show not only the beauty of the city, but also the dreams that can come true here. It is such an enormous place, but it can make a girl feel so small. It is a place of unique diversity that brings people together.

Photo by Catie Wilson

Photo by Catie Wilson

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The P Word

Decisions, decisions, decisions. College is all about making the right decisions. It seems to be something that college students face from the moment they begin to apply for college up to the moment they graduate.
With all of the decision-making that occurs in the first few years of college, many students loose sight on many if the things that make them genuinely happy. Jason Rider, a former University of Oklahoma student knows about this first hand. Graduating with a degree in Journalism with a minor in Film Studies, Rider knew he wanted to find a way to make his major his own. While in college, he searched how to incorporate his passion for film into his live for writing about fashion. This according to Rider is what made his successful. Rider is now a fashion editor at the New York Times.
Photo by Catie Wilson
Jason Rider explains to a panel of OU students,who were visiting the New York Times,his past
experiences,and the steps he took to gain success.

In a discussion with OU students, Rider explained the importance of getting back to your roots and pulling out the things that you are truly passionate about.
Even professors are encouraging students to find their passion. Kathryn Jenson White, Journalism professor at the University of Oklahoma believes that your passion can help to get you an internship, or even land you a great job.
Kathryn Jenson White discusses the topic of passion with Jason Rider, a former OU student, who is now a fashion editor at the New York Times.

For women this can be extremely hard. As young women in this day and age, it can be difficult to pick out the things that make one unique. With all the pressures of this world it can be a tedious job to even find out what one’s passion is. Women tend to over think things and forget the things that make up who we are. However, finding something that makes feel excited to go to work and grow can be extremely important when determining one’s future.
This P word, or passion, is a thing that once you find out what it is, can change your life forever. It can make your working experience better than you ever thought. It can set your work apart from other employees. It may even help you score your dream job.
There are many ways to find your passion. You can make a list of all of your hobbies or interests and narrow the list down to the ones that you spend the most time partaking in. It can also help to talk with friends and family to get their views and opinions. It always helps to talk to others to learn about the things you may not see.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

No Fear...Persevere

Photo by Catie Wilson
New York City is the city where dreams are made of, but many people have to work very hard to get there

One of the biggest fears of young women graduating from college is finding a job. With the way that the economy is today, this fear has grown substantially. Many women feel that since the economic crisis, that they will have a harder time finding a job.

Recently a group of Journalism and Public Relations students from the University of Oklahoma traveled to New York City to tour a few Magazine Companies.

One of the Magazines, Parents discussed the issues of finding a job upon graduating college.

The thing that made it interesting is that the panel from Parents Magazine was made up of all women. Each of which were very successful editors that have established many things. They understood how eager young college women felt when thinking about a job. They ladies from the magazine offered some very good advice to the OU students.

Photo by Catie Wilson

The Panel explained how important a resume was, while the OU students eagerly wrote down notes.

Jane Nussbaum, the Senior Editor at Parents explained that it is very important to find out what your passions are.

“When I am looking at a resume I want to see that they are passionate about something,” said Nussbaum, “It lets me see that they have a voice, whether it be in fashion, writing, or whatever.”

The panel also explained that it was crucial to be involved while in college. They explained that it could truly prepare you for the real world.

They also explained that people needed to be informed, and talk to people who have the career that you want. Each woman on the panel named a time that they shadowed someone, just to learn more about the profession.

The women at Parents were very encouraging and hopeful about the jobs for the students graduating this year. They explained that as long as you work hard and show that you are willing to do what it takes your future could be bright.

Work hard, persevere, and who knows maybe someday you will end up in New York like these ladies did.