Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brett Manning

Photo by Catie Wilson

Brett Manning works hard during each lesson. He strives to help others accomplish their goals.

Brett Manning is one of the most amazing and sought after vocal coaches today. Brett has taught the likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Keith Urban, just to name a few. Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Manning’s studio is constantly filled with aspiring artists and singers. Brett Manning Studios has grown to be one of the most credible vocal coaching studios out there. BMS has certified vocal coaches in Italy and Australia, as well as many cities across the United States. Brett created a method of teaching that used different sounds to help develop one’s vocal technique. In order to help as many people as possible, Manning developed a vocal program called Singing Success, that teaches and helps people better their craft, or even learn how to sing. It is filled with the different vocal exercises that he teaches to his students in Nashville.

Brett Manning has over 20 years of vocal experience. He was also a judge on the CMT music television reality show, "Can You Duet." Brett teaches students of all ages. Gabrielle Solair has been studying with Manning for 16 months. According to Solair there are many things that make his teaching style unique.

Photo By Catie Wilson

Gabrielle has gone from a singer to an artist, from her lessons with Brett Manning.

“ The way Brett has so much knowledge, and that he prepares you mentally for everything,” says Solair,“He tricks you into singing notes that you knew you couldn't hit. He is always positive and has patience when he is teaching. Brett's technique is fun. Brett makes singing more enjoyable”

Vocal coaching is simply put just the art of helping a singer better his or her craft. According to, “Singing teachers often have several different roles: helping students to prepare for examinations; assisting students in building up a repertoire of sheet music and backing tracks; working with groups in rehearsals prior to public performance; they can be involved in coaching individuals for a particular role in a play or musical.”

The majority of vocal coaches teach the exact same way. They cling to the piano scales and the "do re mi’s" to coach their students. Brett Manning’s approach is much different. Brett created a way to coach that is unlike any out there.

Manning travels to different cites and holds vocal training seniors to train voices and help diagnose the issues that today’s vocalists’ are having. Brett can hear a person sing and automatically diagnose what issues they are having with their voice. According to,, Brett would help the singer’s problem almost instantly.

“It could be a simple tilt of the head while leaning back on a certain note or phrase. It might be a vibrant, strong level of comfort while singing the mix. It could something as subtle as articulating consonants while singing so that words are better heard and understood.”

Brett has helped his students with more than just singing. He has helped teach some students how to write their own music. He has also made it easy for people as home to just go to his You Tube site and observe a lesson. According to, Brett has helped many people who do not have the opportunity to buy his tapes or come to Nashville to have a chance to learn his method of singing.

Brett in not just an amazing coach, but he is also a great performer himself. He has developed a six octave vocal rang that is quite impressive. He has made a huge impact on me personally. I have been studying with Brett Manning since July. He has become my writing mentor. He is in the process of teaching me how to coach. I would love to teach others how to sing. After watching him inspire so many people, it has just opened my eyes. It helped me see that people with a passion are willing to do the hard work that is necessary to make it. It would be so neat to help others accomplish their dreams.

Photo by Catie Wilson
Brett has created several vocal training programs.

Brett has become a true friend to me and Gabrielle. He has helped us to both develop our voices, and taught us to reach for the stars.

Brett explains why he wanted to be a vocal coach.

Brett names a few of the reasons why he loves his job.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jeremiah Braudrick

Jeremiah Braudrick is not your typical youth pastor. Although he is different in many ways and has faced obstacles in the church, Jeremiah won everyone’s hearts. With a sleeve of tattoos on his arms, at first glance you would never guess he was the youth pastor at Bethany Free Will Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Jeremiah also has a background in the marines. He has seen first hand in Afghanistan how God can change a life. His love and passion for the youth ministry is so apparent when he speaks. He may not fit the mold of a youth pastor, but he does not let that get in the way of serving the Lord.