Friday, September 18, 2009

We're All in this Together

Photo by Catie Wilson

Growing up is hard to do. It is inevitable. It is something that we must all go through. From learning how to do our own laundry to learning how to pay the bills the transition into adulthood can be bittersweet.

For women this change can be a little more difficult. As a college student myself, I am currently going through this transition. So far it has been a little bit of a challenge for me. I am learning how to handle the feeling of being on my own. It has been so eye opening to learn of all the other women who feel like I do. It was nice to know that I was not alone.

The University of Oklahoma has a few organizations that try to ease the pain during this stage of life for women. One of these groups is the Women’s Outreach Center. Since 1999, the WOC has been dedicated to helping students’ become aware of the issues facing women. They have done so by holding seminars on issues important to women, and addressing issues that disproportionately affect women such as equal pay, sexual assault, dating violence, breast cancer and eating disorders.

Kathy Moxley, the Coordinator of the WOC at OU explained to me that one of the things the WOC does for students' transitioning into college is offer an opportunity to volunteer and connect to others on campus.

“Sometimes getting involved with a campus department helps to make connections and feel purposeful,” says Moxley “We also provide referrals to other resources on campus such as counseling or career services.”

Photo by Catie Wilson

It is difficult to go through this rough ride alone, so it is my goal for this semester to find the key things that will help ease the pain of growing up. Being a woman can be challenging in and of its self, but add a job, homework, and bills on top of it, and it can be more than a single girl can handle all at once.

I know personally that the WOC has helped me to cope with growing up and all the things that come with it, so I hope that many of you will take a look at what the program had to offer. Check them out at:

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  1. You sound so mature just by recognizing the challenges. I'd say you're well on your way to achieving your goals by the way you've initiated such sincerity of thought. Wanting to help yourself by helping others... Wow... That's altruism personified!
    What each one of those details you described(class schedules,studying, working, cooking, doing laundry, getting enough sleep etc.)all comes down to this: Making Choices. Feel good about how responsible you are becoming.
    I applaud you by respecting yourself, and liking who you are!
    Keep up the good work!
    Sue in Michigan