Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shop Til' You Drop

Last Wednesday, the student union at the University of Oklahoma held a warehouse sale containing some of the hottest labels around. It was a college girl’s happy place. From jeans to coats, the sale had it all.

photo by Catie Wilson

Held for one day only, the sale brought in a huge variety of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and handbags from several vendors such as Urban Outfitters and North Face, just to name a few.

Photo by Catie Wilson

According to some of the girls at the sale, it was worth missing class over. With prices that were slashed down nearly half the original price, it could bring a smile to any girl’s face.

OU junior, Whitney Ortega was one of the many females rummaging through the racks of clothes.

“I am a college student, so I don’t have much extra cash to just spend on clothes,” said Ortega, “When I saw how much these clothes were on sale for, I knew I could afford it.”

Ortega, like many young independent college girls, works hard for her money.

“I work three jobs, and I have to make good grades to keep my scholarship, so any sale like this is amazing,” said Ortega.

Photo by Catie Wilson

Many other women were feeling like Ms. Ortega on that special Wednesday. According to an employee of the sale, 75 percent of the shoppers that day were females. He went on to explain that while, the sale remained steadily busy all day, you could tell that these women came ready to shop.

The University of Oklahoma has held previous warehouse sales like this one, so people were excited to see the sale return.

College students’ are used to living on a tight budget, so warehouse sales are a good way to save money. People in general love getting cash breaks so the opportunity to get some new clothes and save a few bucks is always welcome.

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  1. Catie,
    Do not forget to give yourself a photo credit here ;-). Lets you and I take a look at why your photos are so grainy and a way to turn that flash off! Otherwise, good job.